Online Training Course for ITRCC Certification.

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Theses courses are  designed for  I.T. recruitment consultant , resourcer or support staff  with no previous I.T. experience .

Sales Staff – these courses will add to your sales skills CONFIDENCE . You will have the ability to Talk I.T. understanding BUZZwords that come from the mouth of the Client as you get a detailed Job Description. The more clarified questions you ask your client  the more confidence they have in you and also will look for your CV’s first in the pile of junk they get  because they felt you “understood the Requirement “.


Resourcing support staff – You will be able to understand the requirement and eliminate 100’s of responses to adverts etc simply because you  used meaningful terminology in your search criteria.  You will be able to analyse the CV and understand what the candidate actually is and not what he appears to be .

Course list

  • Infrastructure / Networking
  • Development
  • I.T Management
  • General I.T. specific recruitment tips

You can take modules at your leisure and eventually  build up to taking the 2 hour 200 question  IRTCC exam making  you a professional T.T. recruitment