Information Technology Recruitment Consultant Certification ( ITRCC )

Is there a need for a I.T. Recruitment Consultant’s Certification ? The answer is based on what quality of service you want you or you company to provide to the client .

This certification is designed by a Project Manager/ I.T Manager that also has had a background in I.T. Recruitment so understands what its like sitting both sides of the table.

What makes this Certification unique is that a Project Managers first job is to get the requirement of the project and then recruit the team.  So when Certified you will actually be able to do that part of the Protect Managers job.



This course gives you the knowledge and wisdom of this experience and shows you how to work like a Project Manager  , who like an I.T. recruitment consultant has to get the requirement and then fine the candidates.  The wisdom, the techniques and the understanding that is required to do that .You may have left University with a degree in any of the following English , Maths , Biology, French or Business Administration but will that help you understand what the I.T vacancy you have to fill is all about ?

If you had a degree in Computer Science straight out of University it may give you a head start above your rivals but it’s nothing like working in the Industry with 200 people surrounding you all doing different jobs on different platform’s .

The I.T. industry itself has difficulty in keeping abreast with the changes rapidly being made in I.T.

Can you call yourself a  CONSULTANT  if you can’t actually consult ?   Would an I.T Manager take advice from you ?

The I.T . industry , as you  know, looks for certification as a starting point . Why ? Well certified people may not have the experience but usually they have the right foundation on the product , how it works and how to use it as all the features have been explained and demonstrated.

To get certified requires them to do a lot of home study, practical laboratory work and even being sent on training courses. They follow that with hours of mock exams testing themselves before they sit an exam by studying to get the mock exam result up to a consistent pass level.

That’s how they get to understand and grow into a Job and a new skill set. What about you or your staff? Now is the time to upgrade your or their skills. You may have received recruitment training in the form of sales, candidate expectation handling, finding candidates, using referrals and all the other skills but what about sitting in front of the I.T. Manager and having a meaningful conversation about the skill set that he’s looking for. Where does that training come ?

After getting certified you will be able to CONSULT and the manager opposite you will take advice from you as you understand his needs.  More than that they may give you preferred supplier because they will believe you have the ability to actually pre-screen candidates correctly and therefore cut down hours of sifting and wasted interviews.

This certification will test you not only on the BUZZ Words and jargon used  and not just what they mean but how they fit into and I.T. environment, how they are grouped and why  and what type of people each skills is doing that job.